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Remote Control Support - send an e-mail and I will setup a remote control session and I will take control of your computer while you watch. This method can be used for troubleshooting problems and training. You can setup your account here and then invite me to take control of your computer.

Telephone Support - phone number and hours of operation.

Chat Room. Call me first or arrange a time by e-mail.


Windows 7 Problems - Run XP Mode

*** How to Copy Protect Files - ShareGuard For Dummies *** A MUST READ ***

JpegGuard Documentation

eBookGuard Documentation

MP3Guard Documentation

Type4Me Documentation

zMailGuard Documentation

TGPSoft Thumbnail Gallery Builder Documentation

Download Problems

Download More Skins in

PDFGuard Documentation
How to Convert to PDF

PDFGuard Documentation

MovieGuard Documentation
MovieGuard Documentation

How To Stream Video Documentation
ShareGuard Documentation
ShareGuard System Information This new module released on November 14. 2008 allows you to verify a customers system. Run this module on their system after they initially purchase and then run again if they format their HDD and request a new key. You can decrypt their report to ensure data integrity. This will generate a .TXT file and a .DAT encrypted file. The only thing that should change is the HDD serial number. This is for Method 2 Single User Computer only.

NOTE: Set your screen resolution to 800x600 for the videos.

ShareGuard Lock Demo Video

ShareGuard Key Demo Video

ShareGuard Tools Demo Video

ShareGuard Documentation

Setting Up An FTP Server For Online Activation and Deactivation V4.1

ShareGuard Code Samples for C++

ShareGuard Code Samples for Visual Basic and MS Access

ShareGuard Code Samples for VB.NET

ShareGuard Code Samples for Borland Delphi Object Pascal

ShareGuard 64 Bit Usage - blog by a customer

ShareGuard - Common Problems

ShareGuard: How To Use DLL - VB, MS Access and Java

How To Install Software For Developers

Another example of How To Install Software For Developers

Example of How To Install Software KeyGen For Developers

Screen Shots of On-Line Registration Process
Why not try out the entire process? See How It All Fits Together! This is a dummy application with ShareGuard Lock, a sample e-commerce page, the registration page and the on-line activation code. NOTE: This system of MySQL and PHP should be considered beta. I just finished it today (February 21, 2003) so there may be some bugs. I will be going through it all in the next couple of days to ensure that the entire system is functioning correctly. Remember that it is just a test system for demonstration purposes.

Download the Sample Application.

This is very detailed example of one way to provide VERY secure on-line key generation. Download this, press the Register button and follow all of the steps. Several of these could be consolidated but I have provided all of the detailed procedures so that you can get a good feel for the entire process and the finer points.

More details on this can found on the following page:

On-Line Registration Software KeyGen For Developers

More Security For On-Line Registration Executables

More Security For On-Line Registration Batch Files

On-Line Registration Using MySQL

On-Line Registration Using PHP

On-Line Registration Sample Application Using MySQL and PHP

How To Setup .htaccess File

ShareGuard Known Bugs

How To Troubleshoot a Windows PC (software and hardware)

How To Protect HTML Web Pages and JPEG Images

Copy Protection Articles

Encryption Articles

If there is anything that you would like to see regarding product registration and/or any other related topics then please drop me a line.
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